Dividing lines

This will be my final blog.

I started writing this blog because, following redundancy, I’d provided vegan content (on a voluntary basis) for a daily news site which vanished offline one day. So I thought I’d write my own and it’d help with my CV and give me an outlet – but now everyone has a blog and my Facebook posts are read by many more people than ewad this – or any – blog.

In addition to this, it costs money to pay for the domain name and to get a decent WordPress page, money I can no longer justify in paying out.

The divisions between vegans during lockdown have been disheartening and some things have been said that means when demonstrations due fully resume, it will be without some people due to social media nonsense.

I’ve yet to see anybody’s views on masks, the lockdowns or vaccinations changed by a Facebook post. Like most people, I simply scroll past ny post which doesn’t agree with my mindset. That’s what social media is, it’s a bubble, an echo chamber, people’s minds are never changed on there – ever!

Reviews of vegan products are 10 a penny now, so I don’t feel the need to add to them – I like to see what’s out there, and unless it’s a vegan product from an unethical comapany (Richmonds, for example, made their name through meat) then I’ll try them.

I’ve had fun writing this, I enjoy writing, and I’ve received some positive feedback – who doesn’t like that?

But the time has come to focus my energy elsewhere.

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