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Review – Suma Baked Beans with Lincolnshire Style Meat-Free Sausages

Baked beans with vegan sausages in a tin – as soon as I saw these advertised I had to have them. I was like a kid having watched a toy advert before Christmas! So when I saw tins for sale last weekend, I was on them like a cat on a hanging thread, I had to try them as soon as possible.

I resisted the temptation to down the tin there and then and cooked them at home instead. In fact, I had them with a plate of hash browns – very nice – but I’m sure chips or a jacket potato works just as well.

At £1.49 for a 400gram tin, they are great value. I got six mini-sausages and you cook them like “normal” beans.

The sauce isn’t too watery and the beans are not overly seasoned – actually, I added pepper to spice them up a bit as neither they or the sausages are particularly spiced. However, this means that neither the flavour of the beans or the sausages wipes out the taste of the other.

They complement each other well and they are very suitable for children.

The sausages are nice and soft and taste nice and “meaty” – I haven’t eaten meat sausages for 27 years, but they are exactly how my mind remembers tinned sausages cooked on a camping stove tasting. And yes, I can imagine they’ll be fine cold if you’re hungover at a music festival.

I can foresee that these will be a huge hit with vegan and veggie students everywhere. They certainly get the thumbs-up from me.

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