Why vegans should say “Black Lives Matter and NOT “all lives matter”

Equality is at the heart of veganism and if we can’t fight for equality for
our own species then what hope have other species got?

Veganism is supposed to be against Speciesism – the human race is a species
and to oppose or not support fights for equality amongst the human race is
anti-vegan in my opinion.

Now is not the time to say “all lives matter”, that simply dilutes
the message of a very important battle for civil liberties and equality. We are vegans 24/7, supporting other causes does not detract from that, we do not need to hijack other causes to get our message heard.

But, even more important, by saying “all lives matter” and
hijacking a powerful and important movement, you are offending people –
including black vegans and the vegan community needs to be inclusive – nobody should feel threatened, victimised or prejudiced against.

Lockdown has been a very trying time for everybody – there have already been splits among vegans over vaccinations and various conspiracy theories about the virus itself; we have seen further splits with some ill-judged posts from vegan groups and individuals on social media on the Black Lives Matter movement and protests.

These posts are unnecessary, it’s time for countries such as the UK and USA
to have a serious conversation about institutional racism, about racism in
society and about working for real change.

We should simply support that movement and support having that conversation – no ifs, no buts and no whatabouts.