Farmfoods Veggie Kitchen products reviewed


It seems that a there isn’t a week going by without a new vegan product launch these days.

One the one hand, it’s great news there are so many products from which to choose, but, it does mean that with so many supermarkets fighting for the vegan pound, our independent health food shops have difficulty in competing. As someone who always bats for the small guy, I find myself torn between trying the new ranges and supporting small businesses.

Farmfoods isn’t generally seen as a big player as far as supermarkets go – but it is good for those on a budget – when I bought products from their Veggie Kitchen range, I got three for a fiver!

I decided to try all of the vegan-friendly products in the Veggie Kitchen range because it really didn’t cost me very much to do so.

Sausages. The sausages are of a similar size and texture to Linda McCartney’s famous veggie sausages – the benchmark by which vegan-friendly sausages are usually measured if we’re honest.

The Farmfoods effort has a similar rusky taste, but they have a herby hint that’s very pleasant indeed. I prefer them to the Linda McCartney ones – and they are certainly value for money – you get eight in a box!

Meatballs. These seem to lack the seasoning hit that their sausage sisters provide. You get a hefty pack and a meaty texture, but they are just a little bit bland. However, this does mean they soak up other flavours well and are great in a passata with pasta or in a nice onion gravy as part of a roast dinner.

We have to remember this is cheap processed food, so sometimes you need to spice things up a little with sauces or seasoning.

Mince. You get a substantial pack of soya mince to use in your spaghetti Bolognaise or shepherd’s pie. Again, the mince alone is a little bland, but then, who eats mince on its own?

It works perfectly in a good spag bog, and that’s all you need really. It doesn’t have a dominant flavour, and, I guess, that’s the point really. You get a lot for your money, meaning it can be stretched across several tasty meals.

Burgers. The Veggie Kitchen burgers have a meaty look and texture. By meaty, I mean substantial – they don’t look or taste like a dead animal – I feel the need to make that clear in our Veganverse. These also lack seasoning, but bung them in a bun with some salad and relish and you have a great burger. They also go brilliantly with gravy.

I have to point out, that while not exploding with taste, none of the products are offensive to the tastebuds – none of them are horrible and none of them are overly disappointing.

Southern Fried Chicken Poppers. These are my favourites in the range. The coating gives them a slight crunch and provides a mild peppery taste – one that’s very agreeable too!

The texture is gorgeous. They almost melt in the mouth – while, again, not having a powerful flavour. But they are perfect with ketchup, which, importantly, means they are very kid-friendly and they get the thumbs-up from me.

2019 may well as well be known as the year of the vegan sausage roll! Everyone seems to have been at it – new vegan-friendly sausage rolls have been popping up everywhere – and Farmfoods have got in on the act too.

As with many of their products, these no-frills mini-rolls do the job. They’re rather lacking in a herb or spice hit, but they’re certainly not horrible – and I’ve bought them more than once – which is an endorsement of sorts in itself.

All-in-all, if you’re after cheap, quick, processed food, or freezer staples, you could do worse than popping down to Farmfoods.


12 thoughts on “Farmfoods Veggie Kitchen products reviewed

  1. Sausages : agree the texture is similar to Linda M sausages however all they taste of is sage, it is overpowering and quite unpleasant. I could smell it as soon as I opened the box. Vegetarian for 38 years, I’ll stick to Linda’s which I’ve eaten since they were launched, far superior with a more ‘natural’ flavour. The burgers are slightly better but extremely bland without a huge dollop of tomato ketchup. So disappointed as I thought I’d found a new brand to keep in the freezer


  2. Ive only tried the meatballs and every time I have to check I’ve picked vegan ones up, because there’s a taste of lamb that comes through.
    Although they aren’t going to replicate Campbell’s meatballs, I really like them.
    Re LM sausages, they changed a couple of years ago, like they added more Palm fat and I dint think they are as good these days.

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    1. WordPress does all the work – I only have to write the articles and I just write when I have time and when I have something to write about.
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  4. Hi I went in to Farmfoods to buy more veg kitchen meatballs and mince now I can’t get them why is that they said they have stopped doing them as my kids liked these foods


    1. Hi,
      That’s odd, I bought a packet of the vegan meatballs on Monday, the same day I bought these burgers. Unsure if they had the mince or not though as I wasn’t looking for that.


    2. Hi,
      I picked up a packet of the vegan meatballs when I bought the Quorn Burgers – didn’t see te mince though – but I didn’t look for it, so I’m not sure if that was there or not.


  5. I came across veggie kitchen food by mistake. But have to say I find it delicious and I’m an old kinda girl who loves home cooked foods from scratch. The meatballs are lovely the chicken my grandchildren loved and the sausages I preferred to lianda McCartney’s although I’ve not been able to get them again in my local farm foods.
    On the whole I recommend this range …


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